Live A Better Life By Making These 7 Choices


Life is a wondrous journey, an adventure that lasts for many decades (hopefully).


But the school of hard knocks can also be something that comes along the way, and how you handle the lessons life throws your way is entirely up to your own response to the circumstances you’re placed in.


You alone have the power to determine your outlook on things, whether or not to react positively or negatively to each set of challenges or to adversity. And it’s up to you alone to empower yourself with the ability to fight back against negativity, both internally and externally. You alone are the difference maker for staying optimistic and forward thinking, you just need a little guidance to help you stay on track:


1. Leave the past behind.


You can't change the things that have already come and gone.


You won’t be able to continue your life and enjoy your days if you’re stuck in past memories and constantly reliving what has happened a long time ago. So choose to live for the present, hope in the future and let go of the past, your own mental well being depends upon it.


2. Don’t take things personally.


Don’t make every disappointment, let down or rude person get you down. It’s a waste of time, and it will better nothing for you.


Let argumentative, rude, inconsiderate and overall bad apples wallow in their own messes, no need to fight them on their own self-destructive paths or pettiness, just choose not to participate and move on with a smile, because living is the best revenge you can play.


When you have a bad day, meet a rude person, you have to brush it off and choose to march on toward better days ahead, confident that not all of the bad days are going to be repeated.


3. Choose less over more.


Minimalism is a gift, the less burdened you are by stuff the freezer you are. Materialism is a empty pursuit, value people and experiences over stuff because no matter what you accumulate you can’t take it with you.


Get rid of most of your nonessential belongings, speak less so that you can listen more, eat less and dress more simply.


This applies to cutting out the dead weight from your friend groups too.


Eliminate the people in your life that only burden you with negativity, because you don’t need them. Shorten your to-do list by focusing on the essential things you have to do and ditch everything else that only keeps you busy.


4. Appreciate what you have.


Wake up thankful every day, wear a smile and be polite and your manners will pay it forward to others. It’s a statistical fact that grateful people inspire gratitude back toward them. So set the example and be the change that you’re yearning to see. 


5. Stop worrying about the future.


Do you control the future? No? Then why are you so consumed with worry over how it will play out? It’s a ridiculous obsession we’ve programmed ourselves to have.


We worry about tomorrow, we fear something bad might happen. We try to predict it, we prepare for everything, and we try to plan our days. But in the end, stuff just happens. And the only thing we can do is enjoy it to the fullest and make the best of it.


Life is full of surprises. And that is a good thing. But by expecting the worst to happen, you complicate life and make it hard. So let go of all those worries and the need to control and predict everything.

Just leave it behind and go with the flow.


6. Realize that you yourself are enough.


You don’t need to fret able singleness or having a spouse, you are perfectly complete as an individual.


You don’t really need anyone to make you feel good and to start living. So stop waiting for them. That’s just another excuse that keeps you from dealing with things.


There may be a void inside you, but another person won’t fill it. You need to fix your relationship with yourself first – to start loving, appreciating and accepting yourself for the person you are. Only then will you be able to share your life with someone special, and show him or her what a great individual you are.


7. Embrace new things as they come.


You can stay ahead of the curve and keep yourself feeling challenged, youthful and vitalized by staying on top of new ideas before they catch on. Don’t be afraid of change, it’s the quickest path toward stagnation and a tremendous barrier to personal growth. If you truly want to be the best version of yourself, then you have to be willing to broaden your horizons to identify the potential you didn't even know you had.