How To Live a Better Life


Living better is a process. And the best way to take it on is step by step as it comes. Here are few tips for better living compiled by physiologists:


1. Make time to have a real life outside of your job. People who forget to enjoy themselves are less productive, stressed and much more prone to personal misery.


2. Don’t be afraid to say “no” when you’re feeling overextended. Being overwhelmed is not something you have to put up with, so take the time to clear your calendar of unnecessary obligations.


3. Never compare yourself with others, it’s a self-defeating practice that dooms your own self-image to be tethered to comparing apples and oranges. No two lives are the same, so what’s the point to linking them up for comparison every step of the way? Give yourself a break, just be content to be the best version of you.


4. Don’t forget to relax and take it easy.

Recharge you batteries daily, you need rest, we’re not built to go non-stop at all hours. So once you’ve left work trill leave work at the office and indulge a little personal R & R, your mental and emotional health will thank you for it.


5. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember to find the humor in everything. People who laugh generate joy both in themselves and for those around them, so dare to be a joy spreading catalyst. Fire up your smile, make a joke at your own expense, and don’t stress about the small stuff that threatens to make the day a little more challenging.


6. Create a positive network for yourself. We need a little outside affirmation from time to time, and we feed off the positive vibes and good will of others. That’s the power of community, so make sure you have a good one, one that values you.


7. Don’t be afraid to express yourself when it really matters. 

If you feel your opinion is a valuable piece of input in a given situation then speak up, don’t sit on it and let it simmer until you’re bitter that no one heard you out.


8. Stop to smell the proverbial roses.

Take life as it comes to you, don’t live in the fast lane at all times, don’t be afraid to slow things down and go at a more intentional pace, your own sense of how to handle and mange your day could stand to improve remarkably.